Hair extensions have become popular in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, there are many brands out there that can damage your natural hair. That is why HQ Salon & Spa exclusively uses VoMor Hair Extensions to ensure that those wanting instant long, luscious hair can do so safely without damage to their natural hair.

Hair extensions have become a great way to quickly add volume and get a new fabulous look for a special occasion or to try out a new hair color without the permanency of hair coloring.

Hair extensions are also a way for women with fine, thinning hair to reclaim a full head of hair that is full of volume and vibrance. As disheartening as this statistic is, 25% of all women in North America experience thinning, fine hair and even hair loss due to many factors.

HQ Salon & Spa is proud to offer VoMor Hair Extensions, an exclusive partner to the AVEDA network of salons.

VoMor Extensions are reusable, tape-in extensions that provide added fullness and volume to every woman no matter the length, texture or color.

In fact, VoMor Hair Extensions are available in 12, 16, and 20 inches lengths aligned to the AVEDA color wheel. For your convenience, we can offer 30 colors ranging from ash blonde to deep black in each length.

HQ Salon & Spa offers VoMor Extensions because of their quality. They are exclusively made from cuticle intact Remy hair. It is collected and manufactured in a humane manner, and follows all environmental guidelines.

Ask your HQ Salon & Spa stylist how VoMor Extensions can work for you to give you a new look that lasts 6-8 weeks. Whether you want a new color, highlights, longer hair, or fuller hair …. VoMor Extensions can help you!

Enjoy fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair in just 15 minutes with VoMor Extensions.